Street gift recycling shop business

 , unlike in previous years, the past two years, as the mainstream of gift recycling, recovery of tobacco and liquor shop less and less, recycled gift cards shop more; store recycled gift of less and less, recycle gift on the Internet more and more. Main
gift recycling "role", "relegated to second-tier" alcohol and tobacco or "play" shopping card, whether its own eco-cycle, or the resulting social impact, all affect a range of legal issues. Cheat or was cheat, help abuse corruption rot or "legal" walk, are seems to bear with not for outsiders by know of another side......
smoke wine recycling "relegated second-tier"
gift recycling specific from which a years bud of no confirmed, but a was concern, on raised has fierce of discussion, was think this is "make", is "economic circulation" of performance, is material social "times" of must. But more questioning voice concern at the resulting nourished on corruption. In addition, such as exceeding the scope issues such as management and disturb the market order, were one by one pointed out. Thus, recovery gifts, at dawn, was placed in a grey area.
"gift recycling has two seasons, respectively, before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as new year's day and Spring Festival ' two '. "The Zhengzhou high-yield tobacco road smoke wine gift recycling business owner laoguo said," this business is to buy low and sell high, earning the middle post. Recycling generally has its own ' overweight ', I do mainly high-grade alcohol and tobacco, received prices are generally cheaper than the market price of around 30%. Do not purchase through formal channels, saving some of the links and some related costs. Sell, the recovery of high-grade alcohol and tobacco and regular purchasing channels is a price of goods. Of course, trading is sometimes called price, some sell gifts are not short of money, regardless, I pay the price will be lower. See lucrative, more and more people do this. "
" tobacco and alcohol recovery in the early years when hot, recycling even higher than the business income. Have a section, do well the recovery shop, can earn hundreds of thousands of Yuan in two months. "Old Guo recalls" Grand "said," at that time, have the best gift a recycling shop in Zhengzhou, before and after the main Festival day, a month to earn hundreds of thousands of. This store is so famous, ' throughput ', offer high, doing wide range, escape through a variety of channels in the city, suburban broad recovery, has made a wholesale company. "
speaking of tobacco and liquor gift recycling hot reasons, old Guo is simple:" particularly prevalent then gifts. "But once-hot tobacco and liquor gift recycling is now frolicked. Chinese new year just past, old Guo only recovered a small quantity of high-grade cigarettes.
"amount of tobacco and alcohol recovery now than when it was booming 60%. "Old Guo concludes. The reason, old Guo as "sent my holiday gift cards now."
"tobacco and alcohol recovery now has ' stepped ' gift cards ' play '. "He said bitterly.
in Zhengzhou Garden Road, Renmin road, 27 square near the main commercial enclave, where journalists can easily find recycled gift cards. These businesses dominated by liquor, apart from receiving a gift card, and will generally recover high-grade alcohol, tobacco and other gifts.
Dennis, a liquor store, openly shopping card lights advertising of recycling. Reporters chatted with the boss.
"do you sell gift cards? "
" is now pretty much, more some time ago, just after new year, some people charge more, and don't have, is for sale. "
" of what shops do you charge? "
" a lot better, Dennis, great new Mart, Hualian ... ... They all have. "
" How do you price for Ah, a 200 money cards how much? "
" that you sold to us will give you the 880, if sold for 990. This depends mainly on the amount. This business was mainly watching the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. A month before the Spring Festival, especially during the last half of the month, best business, the price is a little higher. "
reporter visited a number of other recycling store, recycled gifts prices ranging from 85 percent to 90 percent of the original price. It is understood that some years later, business is good, can recycling every million or so shopping card, income million a month is very common. Some hotels sell gift cards to smoke "large taxpayer", businessmen will come to buy, are often loaded with a load of tobacco and alcohol and a bag of shopping cards, because going to the Mall card test, when the business is busy all day.
excitement in the market, the network of gift recycling the same fire.
"perennial prices for major shopping malls gift cards, vouchers and Sinopec card. Service tenet: adhere to honesty, credibility, broken promises, pick-up, safe and fast, fair prices! "This kind of ad with a telephone number and QQ number, simply search on the Internet.
Agency, card card made the difference
recently, the reporter to sell cards from number intermediary made contact to buy gift cards online, found on the net card is 90 percent.
but these recipients how to be in the hands of cards sold to liquidate it? After the cards were collected, where they went? Who is their ultimate users?
investigative journalism when it comes to this issue, merchant will immediately become very wary, reluctant to say more. But reporters are still out of their mouth to get some information. These intermediary recognized recycling gift card profits is not too high, but the amount of trade to win. Even if the profit margins of only 5%, "total is also significant."
one of the intermediaries, told reporters that they and the Mall, you can sell cards shopping mall. Equivalent to corporate 1000 card, 900 Yuan recovered, of which 100 Yuan in post and they are divided into. But he also acknowledged that in previous years through the shopping malls are easy to operate, and now, some malls have strengthened supervision, direct cash is more difficult.
reporter also learned that some recipients of "large" from the "small" card and then shot in the hand, "small" will sit back, eat the difference. There are also ordinary members of the public to buy, the price cheaper than the Mall, after all,. Unsold cards also don't worry, cordyceps buy expensive alcohol, tobacco, and other businesses, to sell out, "profit guarantee".
or "scalpers" special checkout helps customers credit card at the Mall shopping, shopping card electronic money in cash.
"we do in malls ' buy 10,000 get 1000 ' promotions, buy commodities in bulk and then sell out to earn profit. "An online claims to have 16 people" team "of agency heads and some frustration," in order to sell it's hard sometimes. ”

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