Gift Show "blooming flower of the gift culture in Asia

  March 16-18th, 2011 Shanghai Mart in Shanghai International exhibition of gifts, household items, this gift by the all-China Federation of industry association and Shanghai Mart co-sponsored Japan overseas Corporation Business Guide-Sha biggest exhibition co-organized by the East China business gifts, and since 2007 has been successfully held 4 sessions.
to meet the fast-growing business gift market in China, "Gift Show" positioned in the high-end business market, accurate introduction of Asian business gifts, attracting major Asian business gifts supplier in high-end gift buyer enthusiasm at home and abroad.
according to the different exhibitors, this gift show is divided into three major gifts featured exhibition in Asia, "Japan classic gift" is the Asia's largest "Tokyo International Gift Show" in Tokyo in February after the show moved to Shanghai, will bring 150 Japan latest trend gifts come to the exhibition.
Japan business gifts large China, Japan gift-community generally believed that Chinese business social networking lifestyle mature, has a huge consumer market, demand for business gifts and more attention to quality, content and utility, which Japan gift is very practical and user-friendly, environmental performance, fashion and creative high-quality was pretty consistent.
this year's exhibition Japan exhibits cover home, jewelry stationery, business gifts, promotional products, and other fields of high-end products, which are popular all over the world the Japan classic gifts. For example, "portable heat index meter" is the Japan creative exhibits one of the gifts in the Pavilion, Japan weather Association products and Japan companies, households, organizations such as the preferred gifts.
the other two big gifts featured exhibition is "creative products in China" and "features urban style". Business gifts best brought together China and Southeast Asian countries, local features and exotic complement each other. Deep knowledge of local gift ideas China gift enterprises to jointly unveiled the "creative products in China", perfect interpretation of subversion of the traditional business of fashion, exhibition areas according to the characteristic gift into crafts, home, business gifts and ornaments, 4 large plates. "Features urban style" the stage full of classical Oriental city business life. Shanghai haipai gifts, unique gift of life in Southeast Asia, will be blooming Asian gift culture between tradition and fashion's unique qualities.

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