Future gifts what is the mainstream market

  Shanghai, China's economic center and the Trade Center, in which gathered a large number of businesses the stronger, so the importance of gift manifested in this complete, because this flourishing stage in Shanghai, has attracted an increasing number of gift manufacturers, not of ideas to share. Shanghai has become the dominant trend gift place.
the financial crisis receded, economy is beginning to recover, in order to meet the modern shopping habits of life, domestic market began a process of transition, no longer as before, but for professional development, product development and design for single family, fashion, personalities, technology features such as gift in one.
gifts in the future the mainstream market:
first. Combining leisure and creative. Like Disney, which "Disney" fairy tale theme, cut into the formation of fairy tale series, it will be casual and creative one successful case.
II. Gift culture in the market and the quality of gifts has new requirements, more people want healthy, environmental protection into the gifts. Such as air purifier, Nano tea sets, environmental protection and so on.
III. Under siege in a foreign company in Shanghai, foreign companies generally like to take Chinese elements, gift of Chinese culture, such as silk painting, bamboo, because the Chinese market is huge, has attracted an increasing number of foreign businesses in China, so this potential has gradually increased.
fourth. Foreign trade gift market intensified, only to build brands, technology research and development, imitation to creation, to tap foreign trade market.

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