More and more gifts why dumplings

  day holiday beginning this afternoon, zongzi consumer enters peak creative gifts. 4th learned from the Guangzhou market, selling varieties of dumplings in now have sold out of stock. Gifts for zongzi this year, insiders said this kind of dumplings profits are high.
many dumplings sold out of stock
4th Guangzhou before the dumplings over the supermarket have been snapped up by the public. "Out of the new, sold out in less than half an hour. "Jusco sale told a press conference, when the gift she has and stock four times in a row. "The more tired than usual. "" Raw materials have risen so much this year, and prices are generally more expensive than last year by more than 15% of zongzi, but did not expect sales remain hot. "Bu Huaping wufangzhai agent told reporters that" rice last year 5600 Yuan/ton, now 6800 Yuan/ton, sugar rose 40%, zongye rose Crystal gifts for about 50%. Manufacturers have their own digest some of the cost pressures, prices would have to increase. Zongzi sales this year so good, completely exceeded our expectations. "Bu Huaping told reporters that agents own dumplings have currently on the market have not available 26 dumplings filled a variety of gifts has been cast out of stock two days before.
, Assistant General Manager of the Guangzhou restaurant group said Zhao Liping, due to peak early, the restaurant with several hot steamed rice dumpling has appeared out of stock last week, "we just asked the factory 24 hours of overtime, finally able to supply a few days later, but there are two gifts cast out of stock again. "Tau Tau Chu, Jusco, also said the Shanghai dumplings gift net sales exceeded 60%.
gift of zongzi high profit
reporter found that people prefer to buy traditional dumplings, and the price is more affordable, the better. The zongzi brands they are invariably significantly reduced bulk "cheap cast" proportion of sales gift company for sale, gift packaging such as cartons, baskets loaded zongzi accounted for more than half. Procurement staff in supermarkets have revealed, in gift box 1 kilograms of zongzi, for example, even if the added ingredients such as abalone and Matsutake, the cost would not exceed 35. Gift packaging prices tend to seventy or eighty, and some are even higher. It can be seen how high profits. ACEF survey showed that excessive competition, mass market compare gifts, business profits were regarded as the main cause of excessive packaging.

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