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  eco-treasures of modern technology with traditional technology in the Palm perfect "marriage"    now, and jade, jade, diamonds, gold and jewelry ... ... Jade jewelry "collection" evolved into a mass consumer, become market it is worth noting that "new trends". More Crystal gift collection of non-professionals to join the team, including investment-purpose collection. Political stability, economic development, stimulating wealth aspirations of society as a whole, huge sums of money flowing into the stock and property markets and collection areas. Natural jade and jade fire treated with artificial, fried into sky-high cheap jade jewelry, and so on, the phenomenon of fashion gifts are imperfect due to the system of assessing the value of jade and other works of art market is not mature. Spend beautiful eyes, went into collectors and consumers how rational, reasonable spending? With these questions, reporters international jewelry appraiser, national registered jewellery valuer, product quality supervision and inspection Institute, Ningbo gold jewelry testing center, Ningbo gold jewellery Association Secretary General Zhou Suzhen.
jewelry appraiser shortages growing
in relatively strong private capital strength of the city of Ningbo, jade collection of creative gifts also continued. Zhou Suzhen said, who has a passion for collecting, jade jade very sought after collectible. Every day, there will be a mass even holding hundreds of consumers identify jade Jadeite jewelry testing center.
with the widening scale of consumption and collection of jewellery market, auctions, mortgage, insurance and other industries to "treasure" talents have heated up. Zhou Suzhen gifts network of Shanghai test center 1 identification of more than 100,000 pieces of gold jewelry. According to the data released by the national quality inspection departments show, there are State-level certificate of jewelry appraisal Division less than 1000 people, the trade gap as high as more than 20,000 people; only three or four domestic universities jewelry appraisal professional. In Ningbo, jewelry appraiser is quite scarce, international jewelry appraiser such as Zhou Suzhen city only 3. Emerald Essentials collection

highs in the market the last few years, Fei staged a frantic rally. Last year priced gifts only from 2000 to 5000 Yuan Emerald bracelets, Emerald pendants, the current price tag had risen to tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands of Yuan. This is just a General of jade objects, if it is fine with good color, price up to hundreds of thousands of Yuan.
, a jade price rally, whether raw Myanmar, also in tengchong, Yunnan province, Ruili, as well as Jieyang, Guangdong, sihui, Ping Chau and other places, Emerald prices are soaring, that there have been some small jewelry dealers stay afloat holding group in tengchong, Yunnan province, or even group of Myanmar film of the original stone. Jade price increases in proliferation of private transactions, increasingly scarce nonrenewable jade stone, the Myanmar Government charge 10% several Emerald trade tariffs to deal with.
Zhou Suzhen remind the public that high market Jadeite market should be particularly cautious at the moment. Now a major misconception is that beginners do not know knowledge, asymmetric information cases bet jade, this is undesirable. For example a few days ago, a jade collector holding a spend a hundred thousand of jade hand to find her identification of the purchase price, the result is dyed filling plastic jade fake, the public was going to bet, results of dear. Zhou Suzhen said some of chemical bleaching, then fill with resin synthetic Emerald look perfect, experts are sometimes difficult to distinguish between true and false. This time, rely on the experience with the naked eye is useless, should testing with an infrared spectrometer. Zhou Suzhen cautions, often artificial gel, dyed jade market, its appearance similar to the upscale Emerald, there is a great deal of confusion. When consumers buy more expensive jade jewelry, be sure to ask the merchant for a qualified certificate issued by a professional inspection institutions.
styles of gold jewelry similar to serious
reporters saw in the Ningbo gold and jewellery shops, some styles are very similar, product differentiation between the various stores of smaller brands lack their own style.
Zhou Suzhen told reporters that differentiation is not obvious is the jewelry industry there has been a widespread phenomenon, products are often of the same design will appear in stores in two or more companies, from jewelry design work, it is hard to tell which company it belongs to. The original source of these designs, many companies will not go, consumers didn't want to go. Over time, this phenomenon will dilute the industry's awareness of intellectual property rights, the original consciousness, resulting in "world jewelry a copy of" chaos, journalists in the survey confirms that in the jewelry industry, all brands on sale every jewelry is marked with its print, but almost all styles the same. According to Zhou Suzhen analysis designed copyrights protect jewelry industry meet real-world challenges. For example, today in Shenzhen, the jewelry wholesale distribution center, once designers to design a new, not all factories will be able to get a few days of the new, and design products to apply for a patent need at least six months more than two or three years, fashion has changed wave after wave.

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