A penny can buy a car

  It is understood that the third series was released in April 1962, the gifts July 00 before until 2 o'clock officially withdrawn from circulation, circulation in the country for 38 years, is the longest of all circulating currency. A full range of RMB total 1 Jiao, 2 Jiao, 5 Jiao, 1 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 10 7 denominations, version 13, it is also the first set of Crystal gifts by our independent design, printed promotional gift's first paper money.
"circulation of the longest, the first fully ' made ' background is the reason third series Fortune gift collection. "Meng Xueli introduces, in the 13 edition of the third series, there are many boutique versions are sought after in the market. Which, 1962 version back green gift watermark a angle, red three word Crown, and 7 bit number, and concave printing, and hollow star watermark and with version other no watermark; 1960 version red a angle, red three word Crown, and 7 bit number, and concave printing, and hollow star watermark; 1960 version two Yuan, red three word Crown, and 7 bit number, and concave printing, and full version coins figure and hollow five angle Shanghai gift company star watermark, several version of value highest.
the third series by collectors like on the other hand, is due to gift network combining method of plate-making machine manual, floor carving fine, crisp lines. Print multicolor printing technology is also used for the first time on, ink color scheme reasonable, bright colors, coins rich in tone.
coin collection should have "opposite"
while the third series of RMB prices continue to climb, the Meng Xueli recommends public caution into the market. Coins for investment are encouraged to learn relevant knowledge, and so have the "opposite" operations. He explained that the monetary value of the collection depends on its historical and cultural value. Collectors only understand monetary history and technical information on the basis of knowledge to properly assess the value of a coin is reasonable, to identify fakes.
Meng Xueli introduced, due to the time of the third series RMB delisting it is now closer, although there have been a fake, but still not high like fake appears.
market for the future, Meng Xueli believes that at present the third series of RMB is still in the upstream channel. But for the market as a whole, he believes there is a bubble, especially some commemorative coins of precious metals prices have been significantly higher than the normal price, be treated with caution.
News solutions word what is "back green a angle"
third sets Yuan in the of a angle notes total three a version don't, respectively for currency surface date red, and title for "1960" of "red a angle", title for "1962", and back Chrysanthemum on both sides for green of "back green a angle", and title with for "1962", and but back Chrysanthemum on both sides for purple of "back purple a angle".
"a corner back green" similar in colour to green on the back with two Horn coupons, inconvenience in circulation identified shortly after the people's Bank in its recovery, is the least in the third series of RMB circulation, release time, surviving at least a corner of the banknote.

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