Red collection remains hot

  into the longitudinal original coin collection market of Guangzhou City, a red-themed collections of wind blew small to stamp coat of arms, large posters badge, as well as the revolutionary struggle Shanghai gift history books, newspapers, periodicals, cultural revolution-era painting "little red book", the vast majority of shopkeepers in a prominent position, attracting many collectors stop to watch.
according to shopkeeper surnamed leaves at the gate of the market introduction, because now near the 90 anniversary of the Foundation, currently red-crystal gift collection is very hot, with Chairman Mao-related paintings, badge, books have become sought-after collectibles, of the collection of Mao Zedong poems of Chairman Mao before the basic fashion gift is interested, but now one can achieve sales gets around this. Shopkeeper surnamed leaf said, to buy the Red collection of mainly older people, they have special feelings for promotional gifts over the years, this collection of their meaning is not generally.
currently on the market, as long as before about 5 Yuan a gift collection of ordinary a Mao badge, now shot up to 10 Yuan. 2003 issue of the stamp of the 110 anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong, PCs are still around 100 Yuan a month ago, have now climbed to around 220 Yuan, the price has doubled. Model Peking Opera Sha Jia bang album was priced at 1 Yuan a piece, now has over 200 yuan of "mark", 1966 Mao business gifts the President met with the red guards and revolutionary teachers and students, the people's daily, each with a market value has more than 1000 Yuan, recorded October 1, 1949, founding of the newspaper, you reach the level of gift money is hard to find.
"red" style also appears in the collection on display. 18th, the cultural center of Guangzhou Su she Street, 90 anniversary of the founding of the stamp exhibition attracts a lot of "red collectors", exhibition of sixty or seventy years old Tibetan fans, there are 20-something young man. From Guangzhou Metro Corporation, Mr MA told reporters that he liked stamps since high school, just now saw the early leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, (c), there is a set of 5, respectively, include Chen Yannian, and Zhang tailei, Luo Yinong and Yun daiying, Xiang Ying's head, he is considering whether to buy some more at home.
Vice President of Guangzhou Association of philatelic quxiwen told the Nanfang daily press, the recent red exhibition is "the country is red". Take this month, for example, 6th was held in Guangzhou library Hall 110 red collection box, from 10th to 12th philatelic associations of workers in Guangzhou had 130 red box exhibition, 18th in plain Street, haizhu district cultural center and then the 90 anniversary of the stamp exhibition, there are also several exhibitions of the same theme is brewing.
under the influence of the 90 anniversary of founding and the 100 anniversary of the revolution, the current Red collection showed a gradual warming trend. Such as femme fatale stamp sheetlet stamps, although released shortly before, 1.2 a total of 12 gold, original total 14.4 Yuan stamp has been hyped a while ago to 280 Yuan, nearly 20 times, "and cannot buy in the common market".

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